love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and your neighbor as yourself
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Messages From God - by Anne Puryear

Dear Friends,

My sincere desire is that Messages From God will be a source of hope,
help and inspiration to all who read it. A brief excerpt from the book follows below.

Anne Puryear

"To hear me, you need do nothing but believe, listen, write what you hear and trust. You need not fast, do any special incantations, use any aids, nothing. Just believe we can talk and share together, and in believing, let me enter your thought and words."

"But know this, and tell all: you do not need to be healed to hear me. You do not need to be "saved" to hear me. You do not need to be perfect to hear me. You do not need to do anything but know that I do speak to my children, to my creation. I always have and I always will. That some do not acknowledge it's me, thinking it to be their imagination, or their own thoughts, is of no consequence. I will continue to speak without ceasing until the day comes when you will truly hear and know it is I - your friend, your creator, your God."

- A brief excerpt from Messages From God