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Know Thyself Reports

"Know thyself if ye would know God."
"As to the abilities of the entity in the present and that to which it may attain, and how: First, know thyself."

- Edgar Cayce

The Logos Center is delighted to be able to offer three powerful study aids for understanding and knowing oneself. These computer-generated reports have proven to be a source of help, hope, and inspiration to many!

Here is a brief summary of the content and format of each report:

  • Edgar Cayce Past Life Report (A): Your Vedic birth chart combined with extraordinary insights found in the Cayce readings reveal your unique past life history, especially strengths, weaknesses, talents, and career potentials. This interpretation of the birth chart was exhaustively researched with the Edgar Cayce Readings. The past life report is an extraordinary tool for discovering your unique soul history, done with a high level of scholarly dedication. Report ranges between 11 and 22 pages.

    Report (A) Cost: $26.99 plus postage

  • The Natal Horoscope Report (B): Numerology, an ancient esoteric science, has been used for millennia to tap natural drives, potential, and abilities. Your life path, soul needs and karmic patterns are revealed, giving insight into those things which will increase happiness, minimize errors in life choices, and lead to realization of goals that make you happy. Includes full year chart outlining dates with favorable and not so favorable aspects allowing critical decisions to be made during the more favorable aspect times. Report approximates 8 pages and employs the name of your choice.

    Report (B) Cost: $26.99 plus postage

SPECIAL Know Thyself Reports Package (Reports A & B): $35.99

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