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Logos is an interfaith spiritual community providing opportunities for learning, sharing, and worshipping together for all who seek a closer relationship with God and humankind. Logos is a work, not a place. We emphasize holistic healing, church services and education. We seek to grow together, helping one another awaken to the Divine nature within ourselves and within all human beings, and to joyfully share this sense of oneness of spirit and purpose. We encourage comparative studies with an emphasis on a mystical approach to the Bible.

Logos was incorporated in the state of Arizona on 26 May 1983, as a church and spiritual university, by Rev. Anne Puryear and Dr. Herbert Bruce Puryear. Herb and Anne are a unique healing and teaching team, often described as "the psychic and the psychologist." Anne has over twenty-five years experience as a psychic and spiritual counselor. Herb has over thirty-five years as a clinical psychologist and spiritual researcher into the nature of the soul (psyche).

Our name, Logos, is taken from the book of John, where the Greek word "Logos" is translated as "The Word," which is understood to refer to the COSMIC CHRIST. Our practical Christian mysticism is based upon the respect and enjoyment of the world's rich spiritual traditions which all bear witness that God is the One Force at work in the universe. Every human being has been made in His "image" (bearing His power and pattern) and we are destined to conform to His "image" as we awaken to our oneness with Him.




"If the Bible contains all that we need to know about God, and I believe it does, then we must let our understanding of it grow exponentially to reflect the infinite nature of the God of which it speaks."

– Herb Puryear, Ph.D.