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Questions Frequently Asked

What is Logos?
The Logos Center is a church and holistic educational center emphasizing studies and research in holistic healing, comparative religion, psychical research and the Bible. We feature classes, study groups and Sunday morning celebrations. We meet the first Sunday of each month at the Orange Tree Resort (in the Mariposa Room) - 10601 North 56th Street, Scottsdale,. There is a discussion group led by Dr. Herb Puryear at 8:30 A.M. Coffee, tea and cookies are available. The Sunday celebration is 10 A.M. with music by Bob and Mari Messinger of Applause Productions. Pranic healing is available after the service with Rev. Timothy Warren, and lunch is available in the restaurant near the entrance - or simply stay and visit in the Mariposa Room.

What is an "open communion"?
Many churches require you to be a member of that church to participate in communion. We are celebrating the premise that there is one God, one Spirit and one humankind, all brothers and sisters, all children of the Most High. Therefore, several times a year on the first Sundays, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, we invite all attending, including any children to join in this holy celebration. It is a chance to "clean the slate" and reaffirm your connection and commitment with your Creator, regardless of religious affiliation.

Why is there such a focus on Edgar Cayce?
Edgar Cayce, 1877-1945, is the most thoroughly documented and consistently helpful psychic of our time. The accuracy of the information is increasingly documented every year by new research. This accuracy invites a serious study and application of the vast array of the information given in these readings. The approach to the Bible given from this source makes this great book more understandable, more practical more believable, and vastly richer than any other source.

Why does Logos recommend chiropractic adjustments?
It may truly be said that chiropractic is part of our religion. We understand that the body is the Temple of the living God and that the more attuned our bodies are the closer may be our attunement to the Spirit. The Edgar Cayce readings say that such attunements of the body, such as chiropractic adjustments, may aid the healing process physically, mentally and spiritually.

Where can I park?
There will be orange cones placed at the entrance to the Orange Tree Resort. Enter there and park anywhere convenient to the main building entrance. Someone at the front desk can direct you to the Mariposa Room.

Does the world really need another church?
Imagine the number of types of trees, type of fish, types of animals. There is place for different types of activities for different people. However, we are seeking to learn and share the Truths rather than honor the Traditions. We invite you to come and see.

What does Logos mean?
Logos is a Greek word which translated to English means “the Word.” The first chapter of the gospel of John begins, “In the beginning was the Word.“ It continues to say that the Word was with God and the Word was God and everything that was made was made by the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us. The Logos is the Word and The Logos Center is The Christ Center.

Are you Christian?
We indeed are followers of Jesus and the Spirit of Christ. We do not find that some of the traditional teachings of Christian theology are Biblical. We study the Bible and we find that the teachings of Jesus, as recorded there, are far more open, inclusive, promising and demanding than the teachings that are often claimed to be Biblical.

Does Anne still do life readings?
No, after twenty-five years and over 7000 readings, mostly conducted by Herb, her guidance was to begin to spend the next years in writing. The good news is that before she ended that chapter of her work, she gave twenty-five readings on specific subjects covering many of the questions that most people asked in their personal readings. This outstanding series of readings is called “The Millennium Readings.” These readings are presently available through The Logos Center.

What do I have to do to become a member?
Jesus said that the whole law is contained in the Great Commandment. We are to love God with all of our heart, mind and soul and we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. The Cayce readings say that this ideal is the answer to the whole world. Therefore, we simply ask those who become Logos members to affirm this Commandment as their personal spiritual ideal. Agree to this and fill out our membership application form.

Is there a fee for Healing Services?
No, the healing sessions after the Sunday Celebration are open and free.

If I came to your service, what could I expect it to be like?
We have outstanding musicians, we have inspiring speakers, we always have coffee and cookies after the service with friendly visiting and conversation. Also after the service, there is opportunity for laying on of hands healing, Reiki healing, Pranic healing and individual prayers.

Are there Logos Centers in other places?
We are developing some Logos study groups in the Greater Phoenix area.