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A key part of our philosophy is our dedication to developing spiritual leadership. Our ongoing groups, classes, and workshops seek to accomplish this.

For example, when Austin Vickers, writer and producer of the life-changing documentary, The People vs. The State Of Illusion, spoke at The Logos Center, every seat was filled and the overflow crowd was standing room only. Besides being one of the most powerful and truly inspirational speakers we've ever had, Austin shared personal stories of his journey, which had a life-transforming impact on everyone there, from the feedback we received. We heard comments such as, "Awe inspiring," "That was the one of the most helpful talks I've ever heard," "I'll never look at things the same again - Austin's talk and the movie have totally changed how I see things," and "That was a totally authentic from-the-soul presentation," to quote a few. Austin's work and his movie are truly changing people's perspective and inspiring them to become all they are capable of being. When his movie reaches world-wide distribution, we can only imagine the impact it will have on the consciousness of the world.

- Herb and Anne Puryear

Spiritual history is best learned by actually experiencing the energies of the places where significant events have occurred. Logos has conducted guided tours to places of spiritual significance throughout the world. Learning spiritual knowledge however, always begins with learning about self. Click on any item in the left column to learn more.