love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and your neighbor as yourself
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Our 12 Tenets

  1. Logos is a church, a spiritual community, which seeks to be of aid to ourselves and others in personal and planetary transformation.
  2. We affirm that there is One Force at work in the universe, God,  and we affirm that GOD IS LOVE.
  3. We affirm that the Spirit of Christ is cosmic and universal, that Jesus of Nazareth is our elder brother, and is a soul, a child of God, like ourselves.  
  4. We affirm that God seeks to speak directly to each of us.
  5. We affirm that the Old Testament and the New Testament constitute the foundation of our spiritual heritage and are the central spiritual resource for us.
  6. We are dedicated to the spiritual development and application of our "psychic" or soul abilities.
  7. We are spiritual beings and therefore there is the continuity of individual consciousness before and beyond our present life.
  8. We are dedicated to "developing spiritual leadership."
  9. We advocate the balanced, integrated life, and give special attention to the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of ourselves.
  10. We affirm that meditation is the central and indispensable foundation of spiritual attunement.
  11. We affirm that all our abundance is from the Lord.
  12. We affirm the Biblical concept of The Millennium, that is, the reappearance of the Christ and the expectation that there must come a time when all on this planet live together in peace, health, and prosperity. Read more...