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First Time Expectations

When we say "we are delighted you have decided to join us today" we really mean it! Newcomers and regular attendees alike are warmly greeted with open arms. When you walk in the door before a Sunday celebration service, you can expect to see some people casually talking among themselves, and others eager to greet you.

from our members

"Logos is a wonderful church to come to. All of the ministers welcome you very warmly. The congregation is friendly. The sermons are excellent. You learn about God, the Bible and how all of this relates to you. How wonderful to gain so much knowledge, peace and warmth from the Sunday service." – Rose

"The Sunday talks are always interesting and uplifting. The music is the best. Our female vocalist, Mari has the voice of an angel. And... If you are interested in health and awareness, Logos has that too, after church every other week a new and interesting speaker. We have a prayer list also that has been a life saver for me and my daughter." - Mary T.

"A holistic church is how I see Logos. You learn about who you really are – body, mind and spirit, and you learn what God is REALLY like, a God of love (not what I was previously taught). That never felt right. Coming to Logos has changed my life and made me a better person." – Ed D.

"What I love about the Logos is that it is very spiritual without being churchy. It is a warm friendly family with each one caring about the other. It incorporates the basics of practical Edgar Cayce principles in the weekly sermons. The singing and music of the Messingers are inspiring and uplifting and above and beyond." - Doris R., M.D.