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If you wish to post an item on this board, send an email to: webmaster [at] containing your listing and contact information. NOTE: Listings will be valid until the end of the calendar month. Listings must be re-posted (i.e., another email to webmaster) if they are to continue into the next month.

  • EXPERT CLEANERS: These two ladies were recommended highly by Debbie Allman, as being honest, doing a great job cleaning, “excellent, fast and very sweet” and going “above and beyond” in their work. Their costs are reasonable and they will clean weekly, twice a month, monthly or as needed. We began to use them twice a month in November 2014, and they are all she said and more. Their names are Lucy and Lisa and have a “Housecleaning Service". Lucy speaks good English and can be reached at: 602-679-4211, and Lisa understands most English but Lucy explains anything she doesn’t understand. The Gresses and some of their family members are also using their services and all of us have nothing but good to say about their work.