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Rev. Anne Puryear

Rev. Anne Puryear

Anne Puryear, D.D., is an author, minister, therapist and Vice-President and Co-founder of The Logos Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. She and her husband, Herb Puryear, Ph.D., incorporated Logos on May 26, 1983 in the State of Arizona. Anne’s psychic work has earned her international recognition as one of the most helpful, hopeful, motivating and life-changing spiritual counselors in the country.

Anne has talked to God since she was a child, but she has also listened to God speak to her. As an adult she began to write down their conversations and wrote a book about their talks, MESSAGES FROM GOD. She can often see angels and commune with them, and has daily conversations with her spirit plane guides and helpers. Her spiritual journey of psychic work and amazing experiences began in 1972. She was in a grocery store, picked up Ruth Montgomery’s book, SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH, and a loud male voice behind her said, "Read this book!" She turned around and no one was there. Within days after reading the book, she had a series of illuminating experiences, including two open vision encounters with Jesus. Since then she has been able to use her intuition and clairvoyance abilities in profoundly helpful and healing ways, and to develop her strong empathic abilities.

Although she is currently not giving readings because of several books she is researching and writing, her life readings have been a source of help and hope for thousands of people for more than 25 years. They are given at a distance or in person. Her work in an altered state of consciousness is very much like that of Edgar Cayce. (Interestingly, they were both born in Kentucky - Anne in Danville, Cayce in Hopkinsville.) Anne’s ability to see auras, discern energy blockages about the body and to suggest ways of correcting these energy patters brings an extraordinary helpful dimension to her counseling and diagnostic work.

Her readings give special emphasis on the soul purpose, soul lessons, and the reasons for incarnating and past life experiences, which are strongly related to the present incarnation. She has been especially helpful in encouraging people to discover and activate their soul purpose, and to bring greater joy into their lives. She also gives physical, health and life guidance readings. Her readings were part of an on-going research project for 20 years, with extraordinary feedback as to accuracy and helpfulness.

Anne was Co-founder of the Spiritual Science Research Center in Washington, D.C., and after moving to Phoenix in 1977, spent four years as Director of the Department of Spiritual Healing at the A.R.E. Medical Clinic, the Medical Research Division of the Edgar Cayce Foundation. There she taught classes, lectured, and gave life readings for patients in special medical programs. Trained in Gestalt and other therapies, she often counsels with suicidal children and adults, and survivors of suicide. Before that she was the Co-founder of the Center for Life Guidance in Phoenix.

She wrote a newspaper column for five years and her articles have appeared in numerous publications. Her psychic work and research with children has appeared in national publications, books, videos, TV and movies. She has worked with doctors, educators and health care professionals around the world and has appeared frequently on radio and television.

Anne is deeply committed to bringing to the world a greater understanding of teenage suicide and life after death. After the death of her son Stephen in 1974, she began a search to understand his suicide. She has become an expert on the subject through her studies of both the scientific and esoteric research on suicide and life after death.

Her book, STEPHEN LIVES! My Son Stephen, His Life, Suicide and Afterlife, about his death and communications with her from the other side, has received outstanding reviews from both professional and lay readers. First published by New Paradigm Press, it was later bought and published by Simon & Schuster in New York, first in hardcover, then in paperback, then in audio form read by the author. She was sent on a national book tour when the book was printed, appeared on talk shows in New York and major cities, radio shows, and interviewed by newspapers across country. Two television crews, one from Hard Copy, the other from Sightings, flew to Phoenix to interview her not only about her book but about the research she and Herb were doing in The Threshold Room on life after death. These interviews and several others still appear as repeats on primetime TV. Stephen told her that their book would be published by a major publisher in NY and have four bids on it. That happened within a month of his guidance. He told her their book would be made into a movie. Two screenplays have been currently been completed with four producers interested in making Stephen Lives! into a movie.

Anne still communes with her son Stephen, and is writing a sequel to STEPHEN LIVES! while also finishing several other books. She continues to communicate with her Spirit Plane guides and friends who have made the transition over the years. She has also developed a passionate interest in photographing and understanding Orbs. Since March 2012, she now has thousands of fascinating and unusual photos of Orbs in her files. She hope to write about the orb phenomena in the future as she better understands her communications with them and the messages they bring to our world as well as what they tell us about ourselves.

The Threshold Project is a work she is passionate about, and three research projects have been completed with 20-25 participants in each, to communicate with loved ones or friends who have died. The results are promising and sometimes astounding, and Anne & Herb plan a book on this research to help others learn how to more effectively attune to those who have died. They co-hosted TV shows The Psychic and the Psychologist, and The Mystical Path which ran for five years, with guest speakers in the field of parapsychology. An outstanding feature of their work are twenty four 90 minute CDs, entitled THE MILLENNIUM READINGS: A Series of Psychic Answers to Life’s Most Often Asked Questions. Included with the 24 CDs is a free copy of a 90 minute CD on World Affairs recorded in 2010. The Series is available through the the Logos online bookstore.

Anne is the mother of four grown children (including Stephen who died) and grandmother to a "bunch" of growing, thriving young souls. Anne is a certified Scuba diver, an avid reader, walks, hikes and canoes with Herb, loves art and would paint and draw in her "spare time" if there is any. The Puryears are also animal lovers and consider their two male toy poodles, Beethoven and Happy, family members. Anne and Herb  celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary  on Christmas Day 2012. Married in a Greek Orthodox Monastery in Phoenix right after midnight Christmas 1982, with 70 of their friends in attendance, they have had an amazing adventure together.

Anne and Herb have led over 15 world tours to Egypt, Israel, China, Tibet, Greece, Turkey, Yucatan, Peru, Hawaii, throughout Europe, and lectured and presented workshops worldwide in other countries also. Their last tour was in May 2012 to Italy, where they had a private audience with the Pope (they and 400 others J) and spent an extra week after the tour in Rome visiting the Vatican & Sistine Chapel many times to meditate and pray…and photograph Orbs of which they captured hundreds on film at this and other sacred sites. They also attended a special service and communion the Pope held in the heart of Rome.

A quote from a newspaper article interview of the Puryears says in part, "They are an extraordinary team, working together in a field that is fast becoming a way of the future. Herbert Bruce Puryear, Ph.D., and his wife Anne, strongly believe that if mankind is to be helped, now and in the difficult times that may lie ahead, we must be attuning at all three levels of being - body, mind and spirit. Toward this end, they have established a center, which includes psychic research, comparative religion (with church services or Sunday morning celebrations) and holistic healing. They would also like to see different organizations (and faiths) working together, using benefits and strengths of each to help each other. It would be difficult to find two better-qualified individuals to carry out such a concept."